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About EPT

About ept

Feel better faster with a holistic approach to emotional healing


what is ept?

Emotional Polarity Technique (EPT) accesses your subconscious beliefs via the connection between your subconscious mind and your body. It is understood that our physical bodies store emotions and memories, especially when our conscious minds were unable to handle big feelings. EPT reveals these unprocessed emotions that cause limiting beliefs, negative patterns, and even physical problems. This approach avoids the rut of always talking about your issues but never getting to the root to resolve the trauma that keeps you stuck. The body’s wisdom offers a shortcut to precisely when and how the issue began, and clients are often surprised by what events our subconscious has linked together.


Every EPT session begins by establishing a focus, basically what you'd like to get out of the session. If you're unsure where to focus, I can help. Then I use applied kinesiology (muscle response testing) to allow your body to tell me what's going on in your subconscious. We do some breathing exercises to help your body release the emotional energy it no longer needs. Then we do some releasing statements crafted to reconnect with yourself and release the old, negative beliefs. We conclude with affirmations of the positive direction you're growing to really solidify the life-giving truths we've uncovered.

Clients often express relief at the way EPT does the heavy lifting of getting to the root of the problem quickly. There is no need to talk through and relive all of your past before progress can be felt. Those memories can be handled in a safe, nonjudgmental manner as they come up related to session topics. While we cannot change what has happened to you, we can reframe those events in a way that removes their power to hinder your life now. 

I also use life coaching techniques to help you through the "what now?" process. I can offer tools, and we can set goals to help you create your meaningful next chapter. The result is a healed, free, confident YOU moving forward to create the life you’ve always wanted.   

EPT helps you understand and let go of the resistance and
barriers you have to creating a life you love.
Coaching helps you find solutions and specific steps forward
to create that wonderful life. 

How many sessions?

While one session is extremely valuable, I recommend committing to a series of 4 to 7 sessions, depending on your needs. These are usually spaced 1-3 weeks apart. At our first session, we can create a healing roadmap to your goals, or we can process things as they arise.


Most of our sessions will be 90 minutes long - twice the usual time offered in talk therapy. I find that my clients appreciate having more time to talk with less pressure, and it allows us to do deeper work. Established clients can request a shorter 1 hour session. 

Virtual sessions

One of the silver linings of the Covid-19 epidemic has been the more widespread use of virtual meetings. I’m no longer limited to only the folks in my geographic area; I’m able to serve clients all over the world. My clients love being in the comfort of their homes for their sessions, enjoying the support of their pets, their favorite place to sit, and without the pressure of the commute time. 


You’ll want to treat our online session like you would an in-person appointment. Do your best to minimize incoming notifications and distractions. Find a private, comfortable place to talk. 

All you need is a sufficiently charged device (or a power cord) with internet access and a camera and mic so you can follow the meeting link for our session. I can see your face, and you can see mine, because we humans need connection. 

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