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What clients are saying

You can read a detailed description of Michael King's EPT session with Grace

I tell everyone I can about Grace & EPT because of how much my life has been impacted by my EPT sessions with her. It has helped me discover and release so much pain--things I didn’t even know I was carrying around--and adopt healthier ways of being. It’s improved every area of my life, especially my relationships. Anyone who is a human should have at LEAST one session with her!

- N.H., Columbus, OH

The EPT sessions I've had with Grace have been life changing. I can't even begin to explain the supernatural things that have happened, including the restoration of our estranged son ONE HOUR after an appointment in which I forgave him and released him to his own healing! It was AMAZING!  In another appointment my daughter felt the benefit 3,000 miles away when a heavy depression she was experiencing lifted. She didn't even know I'd had the appointment, but when I talked to her several days later, she shared that the night of my appointment was the first one she'd had in a long time where she

experienced deep, healing sleep without any bad dreams. 

- K.W., Winston-Salem, NC 

After several (12+) years of seeking treatment for pain in my shoulder blade area, visiting doctors, orthopedics and chiropractors and being prescribed pain killers, muscle relaxers and physical therapy, I thought I’d have to just deal with the pain as it comes and goes. I’d be fine for months, then have a flare up. Sometimes the pain was constant for weeks or would keep me up all night. I’d be in tears from the frustration and pain.

It wasn’t until a friend shared EPT and Grace’s information that I became willing to try another approach. I am so grateful I did. In the initial consultation I learned what EPT was and how it worked. While it was not something I was familiar with, I was willing to try and am thankful I did.

Grace’s approach to addressing the root causes of the emotional pain that caused my physical pain has healed me in tremendous ways. It’s absolutely fascinating how it works and the changes that take place. My shoulder pain left after doing EPT.

I am forever grateful to be one of Grace’s clients and continue to work with her.

- T.J., Union, IL

I went to Grace with a specific need for release. As a healer myself, I was open to making sure that I was receptive to a full release by the end of the session. Grace and I had a conversation about what I needed, and she asked a lot of questions that I answered honestly so she knew how to proceed. By the end of the session, I was already feeling much lighter and was able to move forward.


I highly recommend Grace. She knows her craft, is very intuitive and really listens so that she is able to help you move through to a great result.

- T.S., Westerville, OH

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