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religious abuse

If God is love,

why does the Church hurt so many people?


You might feel stuck, heavy, disconnected, like no matter what you do things never quite feel okay. Maybe you're realizing that "having faith" isn't enough to resolve these feelings. You might have had encounters and experiences with God that you know were real, but you find church lacking. Maybe they don't like your spiritual experiences, or there isn't room for your questions. Maybe you can't tolerate the way they exclude or oppress whole groups of people. Are you questioning some (all?) of what you’ve been taught about God? Why does the church not look anything like Jesus? You may have been so hurt and disappointed that you left your church. So now you're sifting through all your beliefs to see if any of them were true. Without the anchors that you used to trust, you probably feel adrift....

Maybe you 

  • Feel like you can’t trust your own intuition anymore

  • Don’t know how to relate to God as love (instead of with guilt and fear)

  • Were told that you can’t hear God for yourself

  • Were damaged by the teachings of purity culture

  • Are redefining what it means to be a “woman of God” or “man of God” apart from patriarchy

  • Have spiritual experiences that weren’t allowed in your church tradition

  • Or a loved one is LGBTQ+ and you don’t know how that can coexist with your faith

  • Have lost friends or positions in your church because your beliefs didn’t agree with theirs

  • Were misunderstood and slandered by those in leadership

  • Realized your so-called friendships were only based on church attendance

Maybe your entire identity was so wrapped up in church that you don’t know who YOU are

I’m not here to tell you what to believe or urge you attend church. I’m here to hold space for you as you acknowledge and process the painful experiences that have brought you to this point. I’m here to support you through your beautiful metamorphosis. There IS hope on the other side. Set up a free consultation to see how EPT can help you feel better faster.

It's not where you thought you were going;

it's so much better!

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