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Divorce Recovery

Whether you were the one leaving or the one left, there’s an emotional aftermath from divorce. 

It involves a lot of grief, anger, sadness, loss, resentment, abandonment, stubbornness, and questioning yourself. If you have children together, the conflict can be ongoing even after the papers are signed. You may wonder how you can bear it.


Maybe you

  • Can’t imagine not having your kids around all the time

  • Need to acknowledge and mourn the loss of your intact family and the future you expected to have together

  • Lost material items or real estate that was important to you

  • Are struggling to pay bills while your ex lives extravagantly, and it feels unfair

  • Are doing the hard work of parenting while your ex is all fun, or maybe they create chaos in the kids and then you have to stabilize them again and again

  • Lost friends or your church because of the divorce

  • Feel deeply betrayed because your spouse cheated on you

  • Feel shame about being divorced because of the expectations of your family or church

  • Wonder how you became a statistic of failure

  • Need a safe space to work through your guilt over ways that you contributed to the marriage failure

  • Are stuck in feelings of regret or disillusionment 


By using EPT to uncover and release your unprocessed pain points, I can help you truly heal from your divorce. You never expected to end up here, and you may not want to be here, but there IS a way forward to creating a new life that is full of love, joy, and abundance. I speak from experience here, friends. Set up a free consultation to see how working with me with EPT can help you recover from your divorce faster by getting to the root of the issues.

It's not where you thought you were going;

it's so much better!

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