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controlling Relationships

Control - to maintain influence or authority over; the power to direct the behavior of another

Control (to the point of abuse) can happen in any kind of relationship - parent/child, sibling, friend, boss, spiritual authority, spouse. It's normal for there to be some form of influence in these relationships, but when one person becomes dominant in a way that doesn't allow the other to differ, it crosses over into abuse. Most of the time it doesn't look like the classically angry abuser who yells, hits, and throws things. More often it is subtle, psychological abuse that slowly erodes your soul until you’re just a shell of your former self. It involves gaslighting and head games, manipulation, and the constant devaluing of who you are. Then when you finally get away from that relationship, you’re left feeling stupid, questioning everything you think and feel, not trusting yourself or anyone else. Your inner critic is harsh, but you’re so used to those words, you may not even realize how unkind you are to yourself.


The process of rebuilding your inner self after abuse is long and intense, and I highly recommend you work with a licensed counselor who is trained in trauma and C-PTSD. Alongside that therapy, I would love to work with you to help you uncover the insidious beliefs that have lodged in your subconscious. Once they are revealed (to be replaced with better, kinder ones), you’ll know what topics need to be explored further with your therapist. Together we can be a team that helps you reclaim your powerful, confident self. I promise, the real you is still in there! Set up a free consultation to see how EPT sessions can help you get to the root and heal faster. 

It's not where you thought you were going;

it's so much better!

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