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Don't miss out on something great

just because it could also be difficult.

Putting yourself “out there” in the dating world takes courage and confidence for anyone, but especially so after ending a marriage. The roller coaster of interest, potential, rejection, and disappointment can be exhausting, especially in today’s world of online dating. 


You want to find a partner, but not just any person. You have standards, dreams, maybe even a list of qualities that are necessary. You don't want to settle. But have you looked inward? What unresolved issues in your own heart could be getting in the way of your future love? The phrase "you are your own worst enemy" comes to mind.


Maybe you

  • Are so afraid of rejection, you don’t allow anyone to get close

  • Use physical intimacy as a substitute for real heart intimacy

  • Are trying to prove to yourself that you’re lovable

  • Are terrified of being single and “forever alone”

  • Can’t find a match because you don’t yet know who you really are

  • Feel lost from trying to be what you think “they” want

  • Believe no one will love you, so why even bother


I had so many crazy online dating experiences after my divorce that my friends wanted me to write a blog! I know how it be both exciting and exhausting, but always with an undercurrent of anxiety. It feels bad to be ghosted, but it's a different kind of bad feeling when you have to let the other person down easy. 

We can’t control the dating pool of prospective partners, but I can help you become ready with a whole, open heart, healed from your past relationships so you don’t accidentally repeat them. 


Then when you do find someone who has potential to be “the one,” a whole new layer of issues will present themselves for growth and healing, the kind that only get revealed within a relationship. We can work through those triggers too. Set up a free consultation to see if we're a good fit to work together on finding your new love. 

It's not where you thought you were going;

it's so much better!

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