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No Lace Ruffles for Me, Thanks

It’s hilarious to me that some of my earliest memories are of uncomfortable clothes.

Remember those footed fleece pajamas we wore as kids that zipped from your ankle up to your neck? I hated them. When you’re too tall and the pajamas are too short and the footie is pulled tight against your toes?! That’s toddler torture. And don't even get me started on what it's like to use the bathroom when you're wearing one of those things. Probably why I won't wear those cute jumpers now either.

I can also remember sitting on a church pew when I was so little that my white tights had lace ruffles on the bum. Scratchy lace ruffles do not belong back there! No wonder I couldn’t sit still.

When those darn ruffled tights weren’t causing sensory overload, I would sometimes hear my name spoken from the pulpit. But when I turned, the preacher wasn’t talking to me.

That happens a lot when you grow up in church with a name like Grace.

My whole adult life I’ve been told that my name suits me. While I took it as a compliment, I know they didn’t mean the elegant way I move. Lol. They’re saying they can feel my love and understanding…that instead of feeling judged, they feel accepted. It’s what the therapy community calls “unconditional high regard” for another. This gift enables me to meet you where you are.

There is room for you to be completely you.

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I like to write about a variety of topics related to emotional and spiritual wellness, so if there’s something you’d like to hear more about, please hit reply and tell me. I read every reply personally.

When I work one-on-one with folks, I help them feel better faster with a holistic approach to emotional healing, meaning we involve your whole person: mind, body, soul, and spirit. I often use a tool called EPT - Emotional Polarity Technique. Through the mind-body connection, we can access the proverbial iceberg of your subconscious (what's hidden beneath the surface) where all your memories and beliefs are driving your behavior, whether you recognize it or not. We can quickly get to the root of your specific emotions and beliefs to help bring resolution and unchain you from past events.

Read more about how it works here:

Life may not look like what you expected it to, but we can start now to turn it into something beautiful. It’s not where you thought you were going - it’s so much better!

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